Children’s Literature

Stephen Alter has what it takes to become a children’s classic, imbued with the type of stories found in other great children’s literature like the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, or the books of Roald Dahl …

The Cloudfarers

Kip is sent away to a boarding school in the mountains following a family crisis.  Lost and alone, he feels abandoned in the strange, unwelcoming halls and classrooms of Paramount Academy, where nothing seems to have changed for the last hundred years.  The curriculum is completely different from what Kip studied at his old school with puzzling subjects like “Toxicology.” Though the principal, Captain Lovelock, and his staff insist on “truth” and “excellence,” the students are treated like prisoners and must obey unjust rules and harsh discipline. On his first day at school, Kip makes friends with a boy named Scruggs and two girls, Juniper and Meghna.  Quickly, he learns that they are different from the other students. After sharing their secret with Kip, they ask him to help them escape, along with another boy named Ameel. Running away from school is never easy but here in the mountains, with steep cliffs on all sides, high fences and guarded gates, the only escape route leads over the clouds. As they begin their sky journey, Kip learns more about the Cloudfarers, a lost tribe of people from another planet who have been exiled on earth.  Travelling in search of a hidden valley, high in the snow covered mountains, Kip and his friends must avoid fierce thunderstorms and dangerous creatures, along with the school authorities who try to recapture them. After several days of wandering, they finally come upon footprints in the clouds that lead toward an unknown destination…


The Phantom Isles


Ghost Letters


The Secret Sanctuary